Centre International De L'Espoir

Baby and Child Bank

The services offered by the Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE) are implemented through various projects at the local level (in the island of Montreal, Quebec) aimed at benefiting children, women, families, newcomers, immigrant individuals and families, asylum seekers, refugees, and even those without legal status. In other words, our services are directed towards families in situations of poverty or with low income. At the local level, our program called “Baby and Child Bank” encompasses two highly relevant projects.

Assistance for Pregnant Women

This project aims to materially support the most impoverished families with low income who face difficulties in properly preparing for the birth of their baby. The Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE) provides families and pregnant women with all the necessary baby equipment, supplies, and accessories of good quality. The objective is to relieve the most impoverished families from the economic and financial constraints surrounding the preparation for a baby, to provide pregnant women with good psychological conditions, and to create adequate conditions for welcoming the baby.

Help for children aged 0 to 5

For the optimal psychosomatic development of young children, parents must provide them with a minimum level of comfort. Unfortunately, the most disadvantaged families struggle to offer the best conditions for their child’s development. The “Baby and Child Bank” program of the Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE) contributes to the growth and development of young children in Montreal by providing essential goods they need. “Being born and growing up with dignity” is the guiding principle of our program.



Testimony 1

I have been trying for some time to find a wiser word that could better describe my joy, my smile, and my gratitude. Because a thank you seemed too small. Unfortunately, I did not find any other vocabulary.

So THANK YOU very much and THANK YOU infinitely for all these beautiful gifts that you have delivered to me for my children: a bed, a mattress, a sheet set, a nice toy, a box of diapers and wipes, and a beautiful high chair. It is a lot and even very generous. My family and I are greatly relieved because we had absolutely nothing to welcome our baby; we have no means. I pray that you continue to exist, to make families, especially single-parent families like me, smile.

Thanks again and thank you x 10000


THANK YOU to the person who delivered them to me despite the snow.

I kindly ask you, Sir, the founder, to receive my sincere thanks.

Elvira Djiffouet

Testimony 2

Hello sir

I hope this correspondence finds you well.

I want to sincerely thank the International Center of Hope and the entire leadership team of your organization for what you have done for me. Honestly, I did not expect so much. I saw the day of my delivery approaching, I had absolutely nothing, but God sent you, you gave me everything. My daughter and I thank you infinitely for these gifts. You have changed our lives. Today, we know that we are no longer alone. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Hassina SALHI

Testimony 3


After receiving the baby accessories, I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I did not expect to receive everything I needed, I didn’t even imagine receiving everything my baby needs, I am touched beyond words. I am really happy and content.

Thank you so much to the Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE) for their great support to underprivileged families. Also, thanks to everyone who financially supports this organization; it is unique in Montreal. It is proof that there is hope for a better world. I also thank the gentleman who delivered the baby accessories in this freezing cold.

Thank you for everything.


Testimony 4

Dear Mr. Chupenga,

I would like to say a big thank you, as well as to your team at the Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE), for your high-quality donations. The double stroller and various supplies I received for my baby are of great help to us. Long live the Centre International de l’Espoir and thank you again for everything you do for families. I also take this opportunity to ask the governments and the City of Montreal to support this organization, which brings smiles back to families like mine.

You want to support this cause

You are sensitive to the cause of women and children and you are committed to supporting this beautiful work.

Organizations that support us!!