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The Founder's message

Dear internet users, dear Montrealers,

The actions carried out by the International Center of Hope (CIE) for pregnant women and young children aged 0-5 living in poverty in Montreal are unique on the island, concrete, and make a real difference in their lives. There were hundreds of families who were stuck, unhappy, stressed, and suffering greatly as the due date approached.

These families are immigrant families, low-income families, refugee or asylum-seeking families, and even those without status. For the International Center of Hope (CIE), pregnant women should have all the physical and psychological provisions to give birth peacefully. As for the young child, in order to develop properly, they must benefit from real psychosomatic comfort.

Indeed, in our organization's mission to contribute to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities, our "Baby and Child Bank" program has truly and definitively emerged as one of the most relevant approaches, with undeniable impacts, to bring back smiles and hope for a better life to thousands of families living in poverty.

Our actions have sometimes been carried out under extremely difficult conditions, due to lack of financial resources and logistical means. However, the International Center of Hope (CIE), its board of directors, and the large executive team are pleased to have always come to the rescue and brought happiness to hundreds of families awaiting the arrival of their baby. Our "Baby and Child Bank" therefore restores all the dignity and joy that surrounds every birth to Montreal families.


The Board of Directors

M. Eloi Agbanou

Chairman of the Board

Mme Marie-Jeanne Turpin

Secretary of the Board

Mme Patience Képaou


Mme Nadège M. Mbeko

Board member

M. Jean François Thibault

Board member

Mme Béatrice Ethier

Board member

M. Théophile Bougna

Board member


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The executive committee

M. Claude Chupenga

Founder and CEO

M. Didier Fankou

Director of Operations

M. Collins Achu Mba

Director of Programs

M. Serges Mbiakoup

Director of Communications and Information

M. Guy Roger Fokouo

Director of Research and Evaluation

M. Bertin Tamla

Director of Promotion, Sponsorships, and Fundraising

Mlle Arlette Ndetchou

Director of General and Administrative Affairs

M Roberto Nightingale

Director of Accounting and Financial Affairs