Centre International De L'Espoir

Together, let's cultivate hope.

Organization for Community, Humanitarian and International Solidarity Actions

From birth, the baby is a full-fledged human being and unconsciously benefits from a range of rights.


The existence of the International Center of Hope (CIE) is linked to the history of its founder, Mr. Claude Chupenga.

Every child has the right to be born and grow up in dignity

The Founder's message

The actions carried out by the International Center of Hope (CIE) for pregnant women and young children aged 0-5 living in poverty in Montreal are unique.

Who are we?


Since the launch of the organization in 2017, thanks to donations and support from partners, we have managed to support several families in need
Women's Kits
pregnant women beneficiaries of new equipment and accessories for newborns
Young Children
0 +
beneficiaries of our services aged 0-5 years
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Our partners

The Baby and Child Bank

The International Center of Hope, in its Baby and Child Bank program, has set the goal of helping pregnant women and children aged 0 to 5 years.

Applying for assistance

If you are pregnant and going through a difficult time, you can submit a request to the Baby and Child Bank.