Centre International De L'Espoir

Social & Community Housing

The International Center of Hope (CIE), an organization always concerned about the well-being of Montreal families!

Housing and poverty, two concepts that now share the same space in Quebec and, in particular, in the Montreal metropolis.

We can understand the full significance of the new “Relieving Poverty” program of the Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE) and the associated social and community housing project. Because now, there is a strong correlation between housing and the poverty of families. To this day, there are several hundred vulnerable families, including low-income families, refugees, or asylum seekers, struggling to find housing that matches the size of their incomes in the metropolis of Montreal. Faced with this reality, the International Center of Hope (CIE), whose mission is to promote the well-being and development of families and communities, is seeking solutions to offer affordable housing to families.

The International Center of Hope (CIE) aims to contribute to the overall dynamics established by the three levels of government, federal, provincial, and municipal, to address the problem. This will involve acquiring multi-unit buildings and renovating them to provide housing at low costs to families who meet well-defined criteria. Beyond this support to families, this project will enable the organization to generate…


What? Fundraising evening

Organized by whom? Centre International de l’Espoir (CIE)

When? October 28, 2023

Where? 1895 Church Street, St-Laurent-QC, H4M 1E6

What is the objective of the evening? To raise at least $50,000

Why? For the new project of social and community housing by CIE

Who will benefit from this social and community housing? The most vulnerable families with children.

You want to support this cause

You are sensitive to the cause of women and children and you are committed to supporting this beautiful work.