Centre International De L'Espoir

Mission & Values

Missions & values

Founded and directed by Claude CHUPENGA, the International Center of Hope (CIE) is a non-profit community and socio-humanitarian organization. Its mission is to contribute to the fulfillment and well-being of children, women, families, and multicultural communities, through the development and implementation of social, humanitarian, and cultural initiatives and projects. This mission revolves around several axes:

Our motto

Refugees, immigrants, migrants, the most deprived, children, and babies also have the right to life. With the International Center of Hope (CIE), let us cultivate hope.

Our operating principles

To successfully carry out its mission, the International Center of Hope relies on the principles of good governance and sound management of the public funds entrusted to it. Professionalism remains an essential asset in providing quality service and making a difference in the lives of families supported by the program. Finally, the International Center of Hope is a staunch advocate for non-violence in all its forms.






Social inclusion

Moral integrity

Respect for differences

Human dignity

Justice for all