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Creation of the International Center of Hope


The Baby and Child Bank project is launched


The Coronavirus crisis leads to an explosion of demand at the Baby and Child Bank

The history of the International Center of Hope (CIE) existence is linked to the story of its founder, Mr. Claude Chupenga. As a development sociologist, an expert in project management for development, social and humanitarian projects, a humanitarian worker, and a staunch defender of human rights, Mr. Chupenga simply defines himself as a social and humanitarian entrepreneur. The values he defends are those of solidarity, sharing, well-being of humankind, moral integrity, social justice, and equal opportunities for all. He strongly believes that another world is possible, one of sharing and well-being for all, and that this will be possible if everyone contributes to the happiness of the most vulnerable wherever they are.

In 2015, while serving as Supervisor of the Youth Sun Food Bank, he shared with his superiors his desire to bring more of his expertise to the organization and Quebec families. He was supported in his approach by Tommy Kulczyk, at that time Director of Youth Sun Emergency Services and now President and CEO of Club de petits Déjeuners, Ann St-Arnaud, at that time Emergency Services Coordinator in the same organization and now Director of the Communications department, and finally Eric Kingsley, at that time Supervisor of Emergency Services and now Director of Emergency Services. With their support, Claude Chupenga’s desire to create a community and humanitarian organization to help support Montreal’s most disadvantaged families gradually developed. On September 1, 2015, the federal government granted accreditation to the International Center of Hope (CIE) and the Quebec Registrar followed suit a few months later

At the same time, Mr. Claude Chupenga was working on the implementation of a program called the “Baby and Child Bank,” which gave rise to two important projects: a material and social aid project for pregnant women, and a second project to provide material support for young children aged 0-5 years. Since 2017, this program has been able to bring smiles and hope to more than 2,000 families in situations of poverty who had lost sleep due to despair. The Baby and Child Bank of the International Center of Hope (CIE) has now become an important Montreal resource for helping pregnant women and young children aged 0-5 years. It is sought after by families, community organizations, YMCA, St-Justine and Montreal Children’s hospitals, CLSC, CIUSSS, women’s centers, PRAIDA and others for referrals.