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Dear Donors,

Thanks to your great generosity, our “Baby and Child Bank” program has been able to support 1,260 pregnant women living in poverty since April 2017. The International Center of Hope (CIE) has provided these young and disadvantaged women with all the equipment, materials, and baby accessories to spare them the financial and economic constraints of dignified newborn care.

Similarly, 480 young children aged 0-5 have benefited from various material assistance from CIE, giving them a chance to enjoy a minimum of comfort favorable to their best psychosomatic development.

We are infinitely grateful for the immense support that you continue to provide us.

Please make a donation to the Baby and Child Bank program here

The needs are becoming increasingly important, and the International Center of Hope (CIE) needs your financial support more than ever to continue this beautiful mission with pregnant women and young children aged 0-5 from families living in the most difficult conditions.


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